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For your predictions on the soccer games your earn points. Here you will learn how we award the points.

On getippt you receive 4 points for the correct result. If you have not predicted the exact result but the correct goal difference, you earn 3 points (even with a not exactly predicted draw). If your prediction only has the correct tendency you receive 2 points.

The end result is what counts (incl. extra time and penalties).
For example:

  • After 90 minutes, it is 1:1
  • After extra time it is 2:2
  • On penalties 5:3 goals are scored
  • The end result is 7:5 (result after extra time + penalties)

The points system is identical for all communities on getippt. So you can easily compare you and your predictions with other communities.


getippt is a leisure project.

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